New Tools

  1. Baseball software.
    • There are a shit load of sabermetrics out there, why not something that actually applies them and simulates games with them. Millions of people use FanDuel, thousands of them go on gut feeling. I want a software that allows you to view day-to-day projections and takes everything into account: wind, park factors, past performances, hot/cold streaks, lineup protection, etc.
  2.  Customizable fantasy baseball data
    • There are plenty of apps and softwares out there that allow you to win your fantasy baseball league but I want to build a new one. You should be able to customize your league data, provide json’s or csvs from websites like fangraphs and fantasybaseballpros and figure out an average of what your projections are.
  3. Teaching you how to play music with lights on a guitar
    • The whole product: a guitar with tiny LED’s at each fret on each string. I’d want to create a software that would allow it to run. It would print scales onto the guitar and other lessons.
  4. A bi-partisan news aggregator
    • You would input your political beliefs in the beginning and get something similar to the Skim each morning that has pertinent articles from both sides of the fence to help bridge an ever widening gap.
  5. AR baseball
    • Mix the home viewing experience of a baseball game with the live viewing experience. See the lines at bathrooms, see the most popular places to go, etc.
  6. Making a difference and how to do it.
    • Build an app where you can donate to particular groups, where you can send e-mails to senators, or call you senators all from one easy app. You’d input your state and location and be given all the information you need. You’d write down the values that you care about and have groups cater to you.
  7. Goodreads for Podcasts
    • What are your friends listening to right now? Should you be listening too. What are you friends favorite podcasts and their favorite moments from those podcasts?
  8. Easy HTML
    • A software that even further simplifies the website making process. Something as simple as: I want a website with this photo in the background, I want this to be centered at the top of the page, I want it to be a blog with these hyperlinks, etc.
  9. Fantasy Baseball Optimizer
    • Allows for customization of taking care of your fantasy baseball team: sets an optimal lineup, alerts you when better options are on the waiver wire, highlights match-ups that could be of benefit to you.
  10. VR Reading
    • A VR app that serves to be a compendium to a book for a young kid. Experience what Frankenstein looks and feels like as you read it.
  11. MicroTransaction

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