Technology is a new thing for me. I don’t know yet if it’s a difficult thing for me but it’s definitely a new thing. If there was one lesson that I learned in my first semester at ITP it’s that it is a lot easier to learn something new when you put it through a comfortable lens. Now take a look around my website for a second and you’ll see a fair majority of the projects that I did involved baseball. That’s my lens. I never felt…anxious about learning tech in my first semester but I wasn’t totally in love with it either. I was in love with learning but I wasn’t in love with learning tech. Until we got a lesson on how to integrate json files into p5 sketches. That night I went home and spent hours integrating baseball data into code. I mean like, I left my friends alone at a bar for a good hour because I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t even learning anymore it was… I don’t know…exploratory?

This is a rather long winded way to say that now, when I’m learning something new, I often tend to do so through the lens of baseball. So for my first assignment, I wanted to gather all of the Major League ballparks into one document for no reason other than to learn how. There was no, “Oh, I wonder if there’s any correlation in their shapes?” or “How many seem to be located in other rural areas as opposed to urban?” it was just, “Oh, I wonder if I can do this at all.” The bigger questions will come later.

I’m having difficulty embedding the maps to the page so they can be viewed by clicking on each of the links:
Map One

Map Two

Map Three

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