AR Movie Posters

AR is going to change a lot of different industries. As we’ve already seen from the first assignment we did in class, there are countless opportunities afforded us by this nascent technology. Luckily, this first assignment has us narrowing the scope of things down a bit.

One of my favorite movies is 2001: A Space Odyssey. In my room are two different representations of the work. The first is the movie barcode featured below.

Every frame of the film condensed into one barcode. by Moviebarcode

The other is a glow in the dark poster featured at the top of the post. The image on the left is the image during the day and the right side is in the absence of light. I decided to augment this image because I think it would add another level of dimensionality to an already multi-dimensional poster.

Now that I knew what I was going to augment I needed to figure out how to augment it. I wanted to treat the project as if I were a marketer for the film. If I were passing by this poster on the street, how could I use AR to enhance the story without showing a simple trailer for the film (although I feel that to be just as viable a usage of AR). 

One of the lines that always stuck with me was the line Dave Bowman was heard uttering when he entered the monolith: “My god! It’s full of stars.” The allure and mystery of the statement keeps with the movie’s vague ending and I wanted that to be featured as to draw people in. Once they – hopefully – were, I wanted to continue to draw them in with the Stargate sequence which gives the allusion of entering a space they’ve never seen before. The AR experience ends with the video expanding very quickly into the image of Dave’s mouth frozen in fear; a happy accident that was more a result of the tech’s inabilities than a creative thought. 

The Blippar tech is great for what it is, but there certainly are limitations to the free software. For example, I wanted the words to fade in and out but had to settle for making the text small and large. I also tried to upload custom transparent background mp4’s to no avail. 

With that said, I’m still happy with the product I came up with which is featured below. (Sorry for the vertical video).