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Baseball is a huge part of my life. Growing up, I was – and still am – an avid Baltimore Orioles fan. While my interest in the team is yet to wain (despite the organization’s best efforts) my obsession has leaked out of Camden Yards and into the sport of baseball as a whole. Be it exhibition, regular season or playoffs, if there’s a baseball game on, I want to watch it. Rather then keep this to myself then, I decided to try my hand at writing and eventually talking about baseball. Enter Pitcher List.

Above is a .gif of a FILTHY Knuckleball that Steven Wright threw to Lorenzo Cain. While this wasn’t the exact .gif that brought me to pitcherlist, it was .gifs just like these that had me coming back to it every morning. On a whim, I decided to e-mail the creator of the site, Nick Pollack who was kind enough to let me write for the site. It’s important to know that the site is primarily focused – at least in it’s application – on Fantasy Baseball. Considering the site had been around for a while, most of the main content you’d want to read about Fantasy Baseball like who to stream or who was over/under performing, was already being written about so I decided to tackle a lesser discussed subject: the minors.

My section of the website – shown here – was published weekly and talked about which minor league pitchers should be on your radar. I was keeping track of the more obvious prospects like Julio Urias and Tyler Glasnow but I did my best to dig deeper. I’m proud to say that I called a few things, too: I was much higher on Jameson Taillon than Tyler Glasnow, I predicted that Lucas Giolito wasn’t going to have it this year, I warned everyone that Alex Reyes was going to primarily come out of the pen and even went so far as to convince some people that Joe Musgrove was a good idea.

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