Bandz To Make Us Map

Unarguably the most difficult part of this process was the in class instillation of the Landsat software. That is to say that using this landsat …software I guess you would call it? …is incredibly easy and dare I say fun to use.

For the assignment, I just wanted to make sure I could use Landsat efficiently and effectively while understanding what was actually happening. My first attempt at using it, I decided to pull in my exact location in Brooklyn. I started by going to and finding my exact location:

I took the screenshot because I was curious to see just how precise the landsat imagery was going to be. I obviously wasn’t expecting the specificity of a street level view but I was anticipating I could make out some geographical features that would lead me to believe: “Oh, this Brooklyn.”

I took the first 6 digit of the lat and long, and input that into my terminal. After the JSON information loaded, I chose the scene ID that seemed to have the most minimal amount of cloud coverage, used that to download and process some bands and got this image:

This does…not look like Brooklyn to me. Doesn’t look like any area that I know in NY. I decided I’d try it again with another familiar image: my home in MD. This time however, rather than taking just 6 digits from lat and long, I took the entire lat long as found by the same aforementioned website.

Here is my before image:


And here is the processed image when the exact lat/long was placed in the landsat software:

This, to me, is a much more recognizable image.

The purpose of this to me was to used locations in which I am specific to see how granular the satellite imagery will get. Now, I have some context as to how most effectively I can use Landsat.

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