Using the Force

For this weeks assignment, I wanted to see if I could create a simple game using different forces. I’ll admit, I spent a bunch of time on video 2.2. Not because it was particularly difficult conceptually but because I had so much fun applying different forces to one object. To me, it immediately took the form of a ball that people were trying to keep balanced in the air. Then it resembled a balloon floating away, then it oddly brought me back to a game I used to play in middle school and high school that I haven’t thought about for YEARS called Bubble Trouble. It was then I realized, that this week I should focus on actually turning this into a rudimentary idea.

I will say my original idea was to have to faces on the screen, one on the left and one on the right. When you pressed the right button the left face would exert a wind force and push a ball towards the right face who would then push it back towards the left face with a wind force of its own. Then I thought maybe it would be cool to make the ball in the center into a flower, and as wind was exerted it’s pedals would fall off but I couldn’t figure out how to illustrate it’s stem and how THAT would bend with the flower.

I eventually decided to focus on a game where the point was to exert as many different forces on the ball as possible. That for some reason began to resemble a sheep herder keeping his sheep in order and not letting them run off. That’s how I came to this:


The code for the sketch is in the google drive located here

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