Bill of Materials and Diagram

So attached below are the bill of materials and Fritzing diagram for my final project.

Starting with the B.O.M:

Item Amount Cost
Plastic Baseball Bat 1 $3.09
Arduino 101 1 $39.95
Mini Motor Disc 3 $5.85/$1.95 each
Haptic Motor Controller 1 $7.95
Force Sensing Resistors 4 $31.80/$7.95 each
Full sheet 1/2″ Ply 1 free
Fake Grass/Turf 2 free
Batting Helmet 2 $59.90/$29.95 each
Total: $148.54

As of right now, the plan is to replace the Arduino Uno┬áthat was used for the mid-term with an Arduino 101 and its built in accelerometer. My group and I are also interested in possibly making a custom built bat but as of now, we’re going to stick with the plastic model. The force sensing resistors will be placed on top of home plate and will be used to change game modes and the mini motor disc and haptic motor controller will be placed inside of the bat so that they can vibrate whenever the user gets a hit. The ply will be cut to make a more realistic batters box and will be covered in fake turf. This is solely an aesthetic choice, one that hopefully makes the atmosphere a bit more vibrant.

In terms of the Fritzing: I feel like this will change a lot because my group is interested in getting away from the Arduino 101 but I figured it would be helpful to include the schematic used for the mid-term in case it was needed in the future. Unfortunately, the Fritzing software doesn’t include the proper model of accelerometer used (the ADXL335 is included but looks drastically different from the one I used) nor the proper Bluetooth but I think it portrays a somewhat accurate schematic.





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